Sizzle! Roxann and Fredde’s Union Station Session

Roxann contacted me a short while ago and was interested in getting an engagement session with her Fiancé Fredde.  I was super stoked to be of service! We set up a time to shoot at Downtown Los Angeles’ Union Station.  There were only a few challenges to shooting there, but mostly it was quite lovely!  There is a lot of old architecture and large windows.  It didn’t hurt that Roxann was absolutely STUNNING.  Aside from being a beautiful human inside and out, Roxann is an avid yoga practitioner and instructor, and Fredde is a poker champion and huge fan of the Marvel Universe and super heroes in general.  It was fun to see how they worked together to let their hobbies and passions shine through in the photos.  Hope you enjoy!

The Abandoned Domes of Casa Grande

Whenever I travel I try to spend as much time exploring interesting places as possible.  Thats why when I was in Arizona this weekend for a wedding, I drove a little outside the beaten path to find the Abandoned Domes of Casa Grande.  They were at one point supposed to be a manufacturing facility in the 1980s, but ended up never being completed.  They’ve been sitting in Casa Grande ever since, wearing away from the elements and time.  I met our model Summer out in these domes and we experimented with lighting and poses.  It was a really fun time exploring the domes and taking photos!

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